About Acro Group

The Acro Group is a private group owned by Arbov Investments Ltd. and Virometal Investments Ltd.

In Latin acro means a summit – and the name reflects the idea on which the Group is based:  to reach the summit and remain there for everything to do with innovation, design, implementation, uniqueness, prestige and quality.
The Group has two main divisions Acro Real Estate and Acro Environmental Infrastructures.

Acro Real Estate– specializes in initiating unique real estate projects of residential and business construction in Israel and the United States.
In Israel Acro Real Estate has initiated some of the most prestigious projects in the central region.
Acro Environmental Infrastructures–specializes in initiating, planning, constructing and operating environmental infrastructure projects in Israel and worldwide.
The company has a number of subsidiaries that engage in a variety of operations, including urban and industrial waste water treatment, handling hazardous waste, treating domestic waste, rehabilitating polluted land, saving energy and generating power from renewable sources.
Members of the group have initiated and carried out some of Israel’s leading real estate and environmental projects, as well as large scale environmental infrastructure projects outside Israel.
In spite of its development, financial strength and involvement in a range of industries in Israel and overseas, the Acro Group retains its character as a private business, very focused and creative.

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