Acro Environmental Infrastructures is one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of environmental infrastructures and a pioneer in many areas, both technological – such as MBR wastewater treatment technology and energy efficiency products – and business – such as financing options and proposals for multidisciplinary energy efficiency plans for customers. Thanks to its proven capabilities, the company has executed many of the largest projects in Israel in this field, as well as a variety of international projects.
Acro Environmental Infrastructures and its subsidiaries have extensive experience of all stages of project execution, covering the range of the Group’s activities. The company functions both as an entrepreneur, creating new projects, and as a provider of solutions to customer demands. For each project, whether direct or through a subsidiary, the company provides a full solution for all aspects, from the planning stage, through financing, operation of the facility to the customer’s satisfaction, through to final handover.
The company has unique capabilities in its area of activety, both through the provision of technological solutions and by means of business models that can be customized precisely to the special needs of the individual customer.
The range of activities in which the company is involved, under the broad heading of environmental issues, makes it possible to incorporate into every solution elements of energy savings, recycling and production of energy from waste in order to increase both the business profit and the ecological benefit of every project.
The various projects of Acro’s Environmental Infrastructures Division are executed by the Group’s different subsidiaries and provide solutions for a range of industries, including:

Wastewater treatment – Israel

 Wastewater treatment – overseas

Energy efficiency

 Domestic waste treatment

Hazardous substances treatment

Industrial equipment and technologies


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