Acro Environmental Infrastructures specializes in providing total solutions on all aspects of environmental issues, making use of a wide range of innovative technologies and subsidiary companies with extensive international experience and unique specialties, each in their own field. This structure allows Acro Environmental Infrastructures to offer its customers both total solutions for environmental issues and to execute projects in specific categories of this wide field.
Each company comprising the Group has accumulated its own rich store of specialized experience in planning, erecting and operating facilities and implementing advanced environmental technologies. In today’s world, rife with companies and organizations offering a whole variety of solutions and technologies but lacking experience of actual implementation and operation, Acro Group’s wide-ranging practical experience ifferentiates it from its competitors, giving it the edge and providing its customers true and tested solutions.
Under the broad heading of environmental infrastructures, the company engages in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Handling a whole range of wastewater and solid waste (industrial and monicipal) in ways individually tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Handling energy saving in a variety of fields – lighting, air conditioning, electrical motors, and integrated projects
  • Household waste treatment
  • Hazardous waste treatment
  • Recycling
  • Generating energy from a range of renewable sources (photo-voltaic, wind,)
  • Waste to Energy projects
  • Supplying environment-related industrial equipment and facilities to industry

Companies in the group offer environmental solutions from the forefront of technology and complying with the highest standards in this field, with emphasis on the financial aspects of setting up and operating the various systems involved. In all areas of its activity, Acro environmental infrastructures specializes in both Turn-Key and BOT (Build Operate Transfer) projects, and is actively involved at all stages of the project, from initiation, through planning, finance, construction, to management and operation. The company’s high levels of ability and its international partnerships enable it to execute a variety of projects all over the world.
Acro Environmental Infrastructures and its subsidiaries have carried out a whole range of projects in Israel and abroad, with budgets in the hundreds of millions of shekels.  The customer base of the company and its subsidiaries includes some of the leading private corporations and public organizations in Israel, such as Unilever, Teva, Paz, the Strauss-Elite Group, the Ministry of Infrastructures, the Ministry of Defense, Makhteshim, Nazareth Municipality, Modi’in Municipality, Agrexco, Israel Discount Bank, the Israel Aerospace Industries, Clalit Health Services, the Environmental Services Company, the Israel Electric Corporation, and many others. 
The considerable technological know-how and experience accumulated in the Group enables it to offer every customer, of any size, the most suitable solution, and in conjunction with the Group’s financial and executing capabilities, to provide the perfect ecological package deal. In addition, the range of environmental topics that Acro deal with enables the Group to integrate into each solution features of wastewater treatment, energy saving, recycling, and waste to energy characteristics.

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