Wadi Aneba Park

This innovative project expresses the most pronounced side of the energy efficiency projects – independent energy production from renewable sources, thus saving 100% in comparison to other systems that nourished from electricity grid.
In this project, the first part of a 5 times larger project, the municipality of Modiin publish tender for installation 60 independent street lamppost in the park of the new neighborhood in Wadi Aneba.
The system had to withstand most strict requirement in all aspect – height, distance between lampposts, light flow, and charge time / lighting time constrains.
Using its unique technical abilities and technological expertise, EHS was able to offer two solutions that fulfilled the tight requirements, one based on a photo-voltaic panel with the capacity of 140W, and the second option included a smaller panel and a state-of-the-art wind turbine. This combined promise full illumination almost without restriction but in price little expensive compare to the panel alone.
The chosen solution was based on solar panels exclusively.
The completed project had excelled both in technical tests and in the local residents comments, and the expansion of this project is expected shortly.

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