:Erez Gil
Mr. Gil has vast experience in infrastructures and environmental activeties, acquired while working in a number of positions in the Finance Ministry and as a private entrepreneur.  
Before moving to the private sector, Mr. Gil headed a branch in the Companies Unit, Government Companies Authorization, in the Ministry of Finance.  In this capacity, Mr. Gil sat on the board of many different companies, including Israel Chemicals, the Environmental Protection Services Company, Oil and Energy Infrastructures, Bezeq, the Israel Bank of Agriculture, Mivnei Taasiya Ltd., Israel Military Industries, and others.
In the private sector Mr. Gil is involved in a variety of environmental activities, and is the owner and CEO of the Group’s companies.
:Eyal Paltin
VP Corporate Development. Responsible for development and management of company's subsidiaries, strategic corporations and new business opportunities.
Served as VP Corporate Development & General Counsel at a private holding company (IT, Telecommunication Infrastructure, construction and real estate management etc.) and prior to that was a partner at leading Israeli law firms with a practice focused on M&A, Corporate-Commercial Law, Real-Estate, and Telecommunication Regulation. Holds a master's law degree (LL.M in Banking, Corporate & Finance Law) from Fordham University Law School (New York). Admitted to the Israeli (1997) and the New York State (2001) Bar Associations. 
:Nadav Weiss
Mr. Weiss coordinates all the activities and projects executed by Acro Environmental Infrastructures.  
Mr. Weiss previously served as a senior consultant for Corporate Performance Managment. In this capacity he led and was involved in the implementation of senior management processes for leading organizations, including Leumi Bank, Osem, the Strauss Group, Israel Discount Bank and others. 
In his current position, Mr. Weiss is responsible for the management of the subsidiaries and the partnerships, management of financial activity, examination and assessment of new projects and technologies, and control and supervision of projects carried out by the Group.
Mr. Weiss is also a director of a number of subsidiaries of Acro Environmental Infrastructures.
 Savion Eliran
Manages the company's various aspects while constructing yearly and 5 –years work plans 
Has a B.A and vast experience in the infrastructure field. His previous position which he held for about 10 years was in the engineering department of Teva Israel.
Savion is in charge of the company's activates, both from the project aspect and as well as the operational and financial aspects.


Elitzach Demvinsky
CEO business development
In charge of the company's foreign connections and manages the interaction with the company's core clients in Israel.
Has an MS.C and vast experience in energy efficient projects in the field of complex energy systems and lighting.


Ernesto Nachmann
Company engineer
Has a BS.C in the field of machinery and systems.
Arnesto is in charge of the engineering and development field in the company, in its technological aspects while supporting the technician crew of the company.
His previous position included positions as factory engineer for several large factories in the Israeli business arena.
Joe Cornel:
Sales Manager.
With 7 years experience in marketing and sales.
He has served as director of integrated planning at "Bezeq".
With extensive experience in energy savings.
  Meirav Haimof:
Office Manager and Purchasing Department.
With 10 years experience in administration and management.


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