Acro Real Estate is a unique investment house that specializes in identifying attractive real estate opportunities and initiating investments in prime locations, with added value provided by the design and improvement of the property, creating and branding new developments.
Acro Real Estate is currently spearheading some of the most exclusive real estate projects in Israel and overseas, with an estimated value close to $200 million.
In Israel
The prestigious residential tower block located at 17 Rothschild Blvd, the Gymnasia Tower, in the old north of Tel Aviv, the Herzliya Business Center project located in the business center of Herzliya Pituach, Litvinsky House at 22 Achad Ha’am Street in Tel Aviv, Tsukei Arsuf next to Kibbutz Ga’ash, Atrium 63 next to Dizengoff Circle, the New Tel Aviv Towers in the old Nachlat Yitzhak quarter, Blue located close to the Glilot country club, Na’aman Towers on Tel Baruch beach, and more.


The Setai - In the heart of the world’s leading financial district, two doors away from the New York Stock Exchange, you will find a one-time opportunity to invest in a prestigious apartment in Manhattan. 
The prestigious Setai Tower offers a variety of apartments – from studios up to luxurious penthouses – as a real estate investment or for residence. 
The East 51 St. project at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 51st Street in East Manhattan.  The project is being designed by SLCE Architects, which is responsible for the design of some of New York’s most prestigious tower blocks.
Luxury hotel on Bryant Park
, located between 5th and 6th Avenues opposite Bryant Park in Manhattan.

Acro Real Estate benefits from strong financial backing, wide ranging business contacts in Israel and worldwide, and an established reputation as a boutique real estate company.

Acro Environmental Infrastructures is one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of environmental infrastructures and a pioneer in many areas, both technological – such as MBR waste treatment technology and energy efficiency products – and business – such as financing options and proposals for multidisciplinary energy efficiency plans for customers.  Thanks to these capabilities, the company has executed many of the largest projects in Israel in this field, as well as a variety of international projects.
Acro Environmental Infrastructures and its subsidiaries have extensive experience of all stages of project execution, covering the range of the Group’s activities.  The company functions both as an entrepreneur, creating new projects, and as a provider of solutions for customer requirements.  For each project, whether direct or through a subsidiary, the company provides a complete solution for all aspects, from the planning stage, through financing, operation of the facility to the customer’s satisfaction, through to final handover.
The company has unique capabilities in the area of energy efficiency, both through the provision of technological solutions and by means of business models that can be customized precisely to the special needs of the individual customer.
The range of activities in which the company is involved, under the broad heading of environmental quality, makes it possible to incorporate into every solution elements of energy savings, recycling and production of energy from waste in order to increase both the business profit and the ecological benefit.

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